2-3 Million: that’s the number of ransomware attacks in 2016, and according to Gartner, it’s projected to double every year through 2019


Whether it’s a malware infection or a phishing attempt, the consequences of a cyberattack are just too costly for you to overlook security. It can hold your critical data or entire systems hostage, and when a data leak happens, it not only affects your company but your reputation as a business owner as well.

So what has that got to do with your communications? Your inbox is the primary method that hackers take advantage of to gain entry into your system. According to this SANS survey, online threats enter via email attachments at an estimated 75% and via users clicking on a seemingly harmless web link in their email at 46%.


DallasTECHNOLOGY partners with SpamTitan,
the industry’s most trusted name in spam filtering

And we have the numbers to prove it


Guaranteed percentage of spam detection via:

  • Real time blacklists (RBLs)
  • Lists of websites that were detected in unsolicited emails (SURBLs)
  • Sender policy framework analysis
  • Bayesian analysis

Low false positive rate lets you sleep at night knowing your email will
always be protected and spam is blocked even before they reach your inbox

Dallas-based email security solution you can trust

DallasTECHNOLOGY provides a custom email protection
solution for your business that includes the following features:

  • Malware Blocking – with double antivirus protection, thanks to
    Bitdefender and ClamAV
  • White or Blacklisting – choose which email addresses to
    automatically block or allow
  • Quarantine Reports – decide whether to receive, whitelist, or
    delete emails in quarantine
  • Recipient Verification – email addresses are validated against
    the mail server and fake emails and spam are blocked
  • Authentication – specify authentication methods according to
    each domain
  • Outbound Mail Scanning – prevent potential blacklisting by
    making sure outbound emails are spam-free
  • Monthly Billing – cost-efficient and easy-to-use email
    protection that lets you set and forget