What is Staff Augmentation?

If you're a staffing agency, chances are you already know what that means, if that's the case go ahead and skip below to find out how we can help you.

You still want to know what Staff Augmentation is? Alright… here we go.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategic approach commonly used in response to specialized project requirements or business objectives, within which, unassisted personnel are unable to execute.
Rather than outsourcing the project to an entirely separate organization, some companies prefer to "augment" their preexisting staff.

At its core you could construe it as a form of outsourcing but because it allows greater jurisdiction over resources, it's more accurately described as a lean method for effective partnerships. These 'partnerships' generally last the term of the project, so while the business obtains the necessary assets required to fulfill their objectives, they don't continue paying for the staff. Not only is it more cost effective than hiring and training additional personnel, it is typically more powerful to the project's overall ambition.

Why? Because the 'augmented staff' already have the necessary skills and resources.

In a nutshell, staff augmentation grants a company the power to add staff based on the supplementary expertise vital to backing their initiatives, all the while, the resources are supported by the staff augmentation firm.

If you're big enough to afford an advanced internal IT department, then this isn't for you.
If you want to keep your organization 'lean' and amplify staff for specific projects or business objectives - this is for you.

Bullet points? Yes, please.

The Augmentation Equation:

  • Administration of additional staff: Management is still actively involved as additional resources integrate with business objectives; this is opposed to outright outsourcing where this is not the case. Staff augmentation allows for a more 'snug' partnership, which in turn leads to greater collaboration.
  • Harmonization with internal processes: Staying true to the 'collaboration' motif is the accessibility of integrating augmented resources with existing business procedures. This tends to be much easier for individual staff members to adopt than an external project team, ultimately providing a much smoother experience.
  • Effective communication: In any relationship, effective communication is paramount. It's no different in business. This coincides with the ideals of collaboration, which is something staff augmentation offers over outsourcing. Having competent control over the English language shouldn't be an added bonus, it's an essential requirement as far as we're concerned.
  • Utilize existing resources: You don't need to reinvent the wheel to get your project rolling. You can still utilize the knowledge and resources of your preexisting personnel.
  • Specialized expertise: Knowledge in very specialized fields, as It turns out, is required by most IT projects. Don't need to really stress the importance of this, it's another essential requirement.
  • Rapidly changing needs: Companies with rapidly changing demands can especially benefit from staff augmentation, as it allows for swift flexibility of resources; adding or subtracting at will.
  • Scale down the cost of developing skills: Training staff not only takes time, it can get very costly.
  • Reduce employer encumbrance: Avoid the usual costs and liabilities associated with direct employees.
  • Accommodate approaching deadlines: It takes time for your employees to develop the necessary skills, sometimes too much time. Save time by ensuring those resources are in place when you need them.
  • Internal acceptance: Existing employees tend to embrace a staff augmentation model over a project outsourcing model. Augmenting staff with a few individuals is less alarming than outsourcing an entire project.
  • Easier to Enact: Overall it's easier to adopt a staff augmentation paradigm than a project outsourcing paradigm. Staff augmentation is a subtle deviation from normal business operations.
  • Increase employee expertise: Existing employees can pick up and retain a greater level of knowledge by working alongside industry experts.

An ever rising measure of IT consulting firms offer staff augmentation services; It's already been estimated that the bulging staff augmentation industry is a towering $45 billion!
The growing popularity of staff augmentation is largely due to the abundance of available IT resources, declining rates and the continuously contracting margins of companies demanding technical services.

Needless to say (but we'll say it anyway) it's in growing demand.

We all love a growth spurt, except when it comes to cost!

Your expenses will inevitably grow along with your business but that doesn't mean you should suffer.
Keep your costs lean and leave the weight gain to profits.
With staff augmentation, you get the assets you need while still retaining the full representation of your business, all at a reduced cost.

Staffing Agencies need help staffing too, you know

We augment IT staffing agencies' staff augmentation services.

wait… what?
Yeah, you read that right.

Even staffing agencies need to rely on staff augmentation services from other organizations, especially when they can verify the reliability of the organization and trust a careful stewardship of their reputation.
.....Which is exactly what we offer.

Most IT staffing agencies specialize in contract-to-hire or long-term contracts but because of their large networks they often obtain contracts for micro-gigs or very short term staff augmentation engagements, which they are left unable to fulfill.
.....That's when we come in!
We can represent your business as a white-label and fulfill these contracts at a sub-contract rate.

We make it easy...

Don't grind your gears, our degree'd, certified and experienced technicians make the process smooth.

We work through freelance marketplaces such as: Onforce, Workmarket and Field Nation.

Staff Augmentation for IT Staffing Agencies, really?

Staff Augmentation for Staffing Agencies

Yes. We've helped other technical recruiters meet their client's needs, and we can help your organization too.

We back our claims.

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  • Don't waste time and resources seeking out unqualified applicants when you could secure immediate access to an accomplished and certified staff!
  • Don't miss opportunities to establish a relationship with new clients by passing on their short-term job orders!
  • Provide high-quality and prompt service to your clients AND…
  • STOP receiving call backs for feeble service.

We want to partner with your organization to create growth on both ends.
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